It’s All About One’s Latitude When Cruising

We interrupt this program with an important announcement– we have crossed the Equator which marks the first time we have visited the Southern Hemisphere.

The celebration started at noon in the Palm Court, with a court, held by his majesty, King Neptune. The proceedings were conducted by his magistrate, Rick Spath, Captain Birger and the cast of mermaids, seamen, pollywogs, etc– speaking of which, a Pollywog is someone crossing the equator for the first time, and in doing so, must kiss the ceremonial fish.

His Magistrate – Cruise Director, Rick Spath

When a Marine Biologist Meets A Mermaid

The Infamous Crystal Band

He most incredible drummer on the high seas

The Pollywogs

Everyone crossing the equator the 1st time must kiss the fish

Captain Birger

Countdown to the equator

Then onto the World Cruise Games where Meredith and I were entered into the putting event. I made it to the final round, but once again was blown out to a no medal…

The World Cruise Games

Just to let you know.. Jonathan started the event with shoes

14 thoughts on “It’s All About One’s Latitude When Cruising

  1. Such a cool event…..glad you pollywog’s are done or perhaps Meredith had already crossed the equator? I still have my father’s card when he crossed the equator during WW2.


  2. That’s all awesome…! But kissing the fish..? 🐟 that’s NEVER gonna happen!!!
    By the way, I’m posting this from the surgery pre-op unit…. yes, despite best hopes….


  3. Love this! Did you actually put your lips on fish lips? Did Meredith kiss up too? Inquiring minds need to know one more question….Which direction does the toilet flush?


  4. Who would want to Kiss à fish when à mermaid is avail able ? Unless marine biologist préfer dissections?
    I guess then Meredith would manage to get mermaid sushis !


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