Can I Get A Drink Around Here!

For obvious reasons, it starts in the stateroom, but your choices are not limited. Whatever spirits, wines, beers, soft drinks or infusion bags they serve onboard are not off limits to your stateroom.

Outside of your personal quarters, you can be anywhere in the ship and request a libation where you are. For example: should I decide to sit on the bottom step of the internal staircase across from the elevator bank and wait for a Crystal staff member to pass by–

“Excuse me… but can I get a drink?”

“Yes sir. What may I get you?”

“How about a, Long flight of stairs?”

“Excellent sir… but may I ask why you are sitting on these steps?”

“Well.. This is my first World Cruise and I bumped into one of the other guests earlier, who said I should be in a twelve step program… at the looks of it, there appear to be eleven more behind me.” Bu-dum-dum-dum….

However, should you feel you need a more conventional place to drink, here are a few, but mind you, there is no particular place you need to be.

The Market Place is for both casual breakfast and lunch, but Mimosas are quite popular

This bar services both the Trident Grill and Silk — opened for lunch and dinner

The Palm Court, located in the bow of the ship. Bloody Mary’s are popular here

The Concierge Club, cigars and single malt scotch are the focus.

The Crystal Lounge — great meeting place to figure out the night’s strategy

The Avenue Saloon — Late night cabaret, Smokey lighting and wandering eyes.

So you can see, there are plenty of great places to meet up or just slip away into the day or night.

I will wrap up this series tomorrow with the Serenity’s amenities… but I’m not sure I can say that three times fast after visiting all of this bars..

7 thoughts on “Can I Get A Drink Around Here!

  1. Don’t forget the Stardust and Galaxy Lounges where you can get a drink while watching a show (or not 😉) in the dark for those hiding from the 12 steps behind you… and of course there’s always the Friends of Bill W. Meeting every day … 😉😉😉


  2. By the way, there is an alert on your ship for coronavirus sufferers. The questionnaire is pretty interesting and the rules for boarding vary from where you were to scanning every passenger to see if they have a temperature. Be safe and wash your hands….


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