7 Dayz @ C

We have been at sea now for seven days, rocking slowly back and forth through the long period swells. Yet we were never bored and the time flew by because of Crystal keeping you busy, having time for everything but sleep.

By the way, If anyone ever asks you, what is the most popular fish in the ocean? Flying Fish!” They are amazing to watch at just how far they can fly (100yds+).

Today was the crew’s Tug-Of-War, with every department being represented like the paraded countries. Is is so nice to cheer them on– they work tirelessly and can not do enough for you.

The Stateroom Butlers— in heels no less. They won their first heat

The Engineers who keep the electric drives purring.

All the DJs and well… not sure about these guys, but they were rock’n the gold pants.

These guys were a riot! But don’t ask me where they came from….

The first match: Housekeeping vs food services… the girls in heels crushed them!

Up on the Sky Deck with guests and crew, cheering from above

The Mod Squad vs. the Engineers — the Engineers powering through to a win

The Medical team taking the win from the Engineers.

At the end of the day, it was the Specialty Restaurant personnel who prevailed over the Medical team for the overall win.

1of 3 entries in the photography competition

2 of 3 entries in the photography competition

3 of 3 entries in the photography competition

After 7 days at sea, we arrive tomorrow morning in French Polynesia – Nuku Hiva.

4 thoughts on “7 Dayz @ C

  1. Loving every blog you post . Keep them coming. What an amazing adventure!!!!
    All good here on land at Mariners.
    Hugs to you both , Margie & Bob


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