Storms and earthquakes and viruses, Oh My…

The good news is that our Captain has received word from Fiji that they will accept us…..

The bad news is that this area of the Pacific is a little active at the moment. Above was a live screenshot of the events in the area (Serenity represented by the blue dot). We are in between some major deluge of rains (beautiful at the moment), but ahead of us were three ocean floor earthquakes ranging from 4.8, 5.2 & 5.4, all within the last 24 hours and if that were not enough, there is a named Cat 3 cyclone (Uesi) ahead of us. After Fiji we turn to port and head to New Zealand which should get us out of things, for a little while, but New Zealand does lie on the ring of Fire– BUT THE DRINKS ARE FREE FOLKS!


Maria, Dan. 2nd today in trivia. We missed by one question……

5 thoughts on “Storms and earthquakes and viruses, Oh My…

    • What is the country of the second largest reef after the great barrier (I switched from Belize to Egypt and should have stuck to my original). I had the right answer but changed it. We also got the name slightly wrong of the last question (song title) “Between the devil and the deep blue sea (left off between).


      • Dang those second guesses!!!!!! But neither of us would have known it, so I feel proud of you that you even knew it, second guessed or not! Good job!!!


  1. Sounds like a time for a vodka gimlets. As long as the boat doesn’t roll too much should be able to enjoy any kind of weather. Congrats on your Trivia Chase for 1st, I know how tough it is to do those things. Love hearing about your journey…on to Fiji…..


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