Fiji – Part I of III

We have been at sea for what seems like weeks, but seeing land this morning and the vast beauty of the Fijian islands makes you forget all of that. We were due to pull into port at 9:00 AM, but we were still miles off the coat of Lautoka, stationary, which made everyone onboard a bit nervous. Finally the Captain announced that the Health department of Fiji were coming onboard to make their inspection before granting us permission. They wanted to interview all those passengers who embarked in Tahiti, I suppose to check their connections getting there to assure no coronavirus countries were involved. The Captain announced they would begin their inspection after the Fijian crew had breakfast aboard the Serenity– that was the clincher– no one would deny the Serenity after sampling their spread of breakfast treats…. no one…..

We have not stepped foot on land, yet, but both of us agree this is a destination worth returning to– for you could stay here and explore these islands for months.

There are more than 330 islands that make up the Fijian chain of which 110 are permanently inhabited. I cannot quite capture the color of the water from our stateroom, but it will never be found on any paint chart, for if there were, our house would be painted this color inside and out.

We will be here for two days and looking so forward to an exploration of this tropical paradise.

5 thoughts on “Fiji – Part I of III

  1. Best of good luck wishes sent your way for a quick getting off the boat and on to land to explore that incredible island! Where does the water come from?? And why is it in square bottles?? JK

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  2. Wow – hope every single person is healthy and you’re exploring those islands soon.
    Your recent posts have been captivating — keep thinking about “received a wire from the Kingdom of Tonga” — – you’re really in another world. Enjoy!

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  3. It is such s pity that this virus had to start when you are on your cruise….sincerely hope it doesnt become too disruptive….thinking of you both…🤞🤞👍👍

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