Mozart Tea, Time Zone

Every day from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM there is afternoon tea time. But today the Serenity offered up something special– Mozart Tea time, featuring the staff in period dress, Irina Guskova on the violin, and Richard Pucci on the piano. Irina is very well known on the high seas and pretty incredible on the violin. The teas are fantastic as are the pastries– I mean look at these things!

I once thought the ship was rolling gently from side to side by the swell beneath our bow, but I am beginning to wonder if it is just the passengers moving from port to starboard and back again.

Fortunately I use this time to write, disappearing behind my noise cancelling headphones and Restoration Hardware electronic ambient playlist streaming through them as I scribe away on a distant planet, without the calorie distraction. But looking up from time to time at the staff in period costume with their smiles and bows, it is easy to get lost in this world, where I think I am on the Endeavor with Captain Cook seated beside me as we cruise through the islands of the South Pacific, not caring if I ever return to land.


Maria, Dan… The Fab-8 won this leg of Trivia… 37 with two teams tied with 36….

7 thoughts on “Mozart Tea, Time Zone

    • We have run into a very wet patch of the South Pacific (3 days at sea) with a named tropical storm ahead but moving away. We come into the port of Tonga this morning and head to shore for an excursion. This part of the world is so cool and interesting. A surfing paradise with not a lot of surfers. I’m sure you two can’t wait to get to Hawaii.


  1. I look forward to a new post every day or so. I actually worry about you when I don’t see a post so then I have to check on your itinerary…Oh, their at sea for 2 days. Love the Mozart …such inspiration


  2. How are you ever going to adapt to being home again and having to hunt (shop) and gather (cook) your own food for meals? Meredith will need to bake for high tea everyday!


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