The day today is tomorrow… sort of….

From Wiki: For the two hours between 10:00 and 11:59 UTC each day, three different calendar dates are observed at the same time in different places on Earth. For example, at 10:15 UTC Thursday, it is 23:15 Wednesday in American Samoa (UTC−11:00), Thursday in most of the world, and 00:15 Friday in Kiritimati (UTC+14:00).

We cross the International Date Line (IDL) around 2:00 AM local time, on the 9th of Feb, and the second we cross this imaginary line, it becomes 1:00 AM on the 11th of Feb…. WTF? What happened to the 10th.

It is currently Sunday evening, the 9th, but it appears that we have lost money in the market on a day that did not exist (10th), because we awake on Tuesday (11th). However, the upside is one less day of political nonsense. But still on the downside is that I have gained weight on a day I never ate…. does the cruise line reimburse us for one less day? What if your birthday was the 10th?

All this seems so confusing, but really, who cares…. I’m still going to get up and do the same thing I’ve been doing every day: Eat, learn, dance, drink, write, laugh, repeat.

6 thoughts on “The day today is tomorrow… sort of….

  1. Now you know what Alice felt going down the rabbit hole!
    Eintein also had tought of time faults-lines …..
    Beware the queen of spades! She is hidden in your weight scale!
    Fare thee well until we meet , a 30th of February.


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