First and foremost I must apologize for the delay of this post, which was due to a technical glitch in that alcohol consumption does not pair well with anything technical. We arrived in the Port of Los Angeles– the first leg of our journey complete– and surprised to learn that 650 guests were getting off, but another 700 guests were taking their places. We thru-cruisers need to learn and remember all these new names and faces…. bringing light as to why Scott Bornstein was brought onboard for the first leg of our journey (the memory guy).

Port of LA in San Pedro

Our friends who live in LA arrived in style at noon, dressed in large hats and cruise wear, the crew taking notice of both Suzan and Michael, surely wondering if they were our entertainers for the next leg of the cruise. Had they played their cards correctly, they could have remained with us…..

Suzan and Michael

The beauty and bountiful of this ship is that you are immediately served Champagne whenever you board, or awaken for that matter. There is simply no reason needed… “Thank you…. but could you please direct me to the restrooms…”

When Linda arrived we toured the ship and then settled down to a wonderful lunch on the Lido Deck where the more Champagne seemed to evaporate from our glasses…. I will need to discuss this with the sommelier….

Linda Prinn, David, Meredith, Suzan Hanson & Michael Sopkiw

After plenty of hugs and kisses we waved goodby to our dear friends and casually made our way (ran) to the Palm Court, located in the upper bow, to see our ship pull away from the pier and watched as San Pedro slipped under a beautiful sunset toward the horizon.

With the start of the second leg ahead of us, we turned in our seats and listened to silky jazz of the lounge wondering what incredible experiences are yet to come.

At 8:00 PM, balloons rained down in the Crystal Lounge to the sounds of the Crystal band and the ship was brought to life by those just joining and those already here.

The picture of our time with the Captain at dinner last night finally arrived today…. it was a lovely evening…

Captain’s Dinner

Time to head south west for the next six days toward the equator and the South Pacific to Nuku Hiva.

4 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. As you transit the Pacific ask the crew for a sextant and do an azimuth of the sun at sunrise. Just to check your longitudinal position. Curious as to whether they would also let you use the sextant at night to determine your position via the stars? They obviously have better stuff like gps now for their routine use but showing the guests the old school navigation would be fun!


    • I will indeed ask and it would be fun to use. In my college days I took a course in celestial navigation where, on an exam, we had to use a sextant to calculate our position to within 100 ft. Pass or fail.


  2. Hello David & Meredith
    Fantastic journey and experiences! Are the pictures of cranes in harbour a sign you fear you will need one to disembark after 106 days of such a diet? Do not fear: as i saw you swimming, keep in mind you can always rely on Archimedes theorem, Quantum mechanic is not quite practical in that case! Anyway, if you stack more than 5 atoms, you fall back into general relativity; and by your looks, you are just over the limit! We all are pleased to watch your wide grins and happy smiles . Take care and fare thee well. Hugs &kisses to you and Meredith from France.


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