From Miso Soup To Quantum Entanglement

For us thru-cruisers, we have completed the first leg (Miami–>LA), a warm up exercise having adjusted to living in 269 sq. + balcony and regulating our daily intake of food and drink… okay… food….okay, neither.

Our clocks have rolled back to Pacific time and we awoke just after sunrise in the Port of San Pedro (LA). More on that later, but here is a recap of yesterday.

The day started as usual in the Bistro for coffee, then up to the Lido Deck for breakfast then down to the Galaxy Lounge for the first of two attended lectures, starting with Bob Ray in his continuing Rock n Roll series covering Tommy James and the Mob. Melissa, if you are reading this, Bob Ray covered Roulette Records and Morris Levy.

The Know Nothings final team appearance

At noon we met in the observation lounge for our final day of Trivia and our team (The Know-Nothings). We faired no better than the other days but had such a high degree of confidence– so who cares. We will miss our teammates who are getting off in LA: Dan, his wife Maria, who was injured in the contact sport of shuffleboard, and her Mom Pat (not in picture). David on the far left and his wife Ann (not in picture) are continuing to Tahiti.

During lunch yesterday, the Captain announced that the USS Nimitz was to starboard, running landings and takeoffs. The Nimitz shadowed us much of the day with the roar of afterburners overhead.

USS Nimitz

The second lecture of the day was with Scott Bronstein (The memory guy) and we all leaned how to remember faces and names…. this stuff is incredible! “It’s Easy, And I Like It”

Meredith then headed off to Bridge and I met up with another David–a true nuclear Physicist who worked on projects at Los Alamos in NM. We had met David on our snorkeling excursion and I wanted to sit with him to discuss a SciFi treatment I had started, called HUM, coincidentally about a nuclear physicist from Los Alamos trying to prevent an alien invasion. We sat for two hours where David brought me up to speed on particle physics, quantum entanglement, electron spin, PSI wave formula, Coherence, etc., (see notes on napkin… aren’t all great novels started on napkin scribble?). I now have everything I need to make my plot plausible to the average reader. This will be a long term relationship and a fun one indeed. Tomorrow, we will be constructing a particle accelerator on the Tiffany deck.

David W. – the Nuke Guy

Notes on quantum entanglement

Which brings us to dinner last night at Nobu, once again for an evening of incredible sushi and ice cold sake….

Umi Uma – Nobu

And what would a day be without a gorgeous sunset…. Although this looks more like David and I with a fission experiment gone wrong……

8 thoughts on “From Miso Soup To Quantum Entanglement

  1. Wow!!! Morris Levy! He put Jerry Masucci in business! Morris was my friend…that’s how we ended up in Hudson NY as his neighbor along with Jeff Franklin ATI and Tommy Mottola! History baby!!!
    Yay Pacific time! Food looks amazing!


  2. Always fascinating….. I love your picture of the napkin scraw, make sure you save that for posterity when you get the book written.
    How is Meredith doing at bridge? I’ve heard they can be some real bridge sharks out there ….is it for money? Or is that a stupid question


  3. Interesting day. I understood some of the napkin doodles. Ha ha. Seems like you have a routine now n loving it. I find your letters very interesting. I look forward to many more. Enjoy the meals n lectures. Love. Toni


  4. Loving your reports. Be glad you aren’t here today. 39 degrees this morning. People are bailing from Twilight. Saw fuzzy boots and puffers at Publix.

    Keep the info coming; we are loving it.

    Judy M


  5. You know…. I’ve been thinking about the “know-nothings” living up to their name… I feel I must take exception to that phrase, and, perhaps, offer up a different perspective ☺️ I’d say we lived up to the moniker “know a lot but unfortunately not as much as the winners…”. If you think about it, the first round we played, we lost by only four points to the winning team(s). That’s over four days, so an average of one question less than the Fab 8 (I believe your new team..?) so that’s really “something”! Hey, I’m into finding the positive these days!!! LOL 😂


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