Grand Gala Buffet

I know… you hear the word buffet on a cruise ship and you immediately think hordes of people coughing on plexiglass …. LOL… At least I do….. I’m not a big fan of buffets.

However, from my understanding, Crystal only does this now and then to showcase the pure artistry of their craft. Under the direction of Executive Chef, Frank Weiss, each head chef of their area goes all out to showcase their art of taste and presentation. The kitchen staff and servers are unmatched in their service of excellence and I rank a couple of their specialty dining venues in addition to their main dining room (Waterside) as some of the finest dining experiences we have had in all the years we lived in NYC.

Rest assured that nothing goes to waste, everything is shared among the guests and staff. Trust me… there will be not a crumb to be had.

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