Beautiful Sea

Beautiful sea oh beautiful sea

Everything you are of me

Your gentle lift of rolling lines, so graceful so unaware of me

Beautiful sea oh beautiful sea

Please return me to these times, give me wings to follow your lines

Beautiful sea oh beautiful sea

What must you do to be part of me

9 thoughts on “Beautiful Sea

  1. We are having a fine though chilly time in Florida. Missed not seeing you guys. We are all enjoying your posts about your trip…..I can’t imagine how many souvenirs your acquiring…..what’s the count?

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  2. You nailed it with beautiful sea. Just as good as my favourite “I must down to the sea again” I used to talk to the sea when I walked alone on “my Beach” at Mahia NZ. ( Bill McKay’s Mum. ) Your blogs so remind me of my “exploring my own country” days. You will have to return and I’ll work out a private tour of unforgettable places Bill can take you to off the beaten track. Alison mcKay

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