Yeah…. yeah…. nah…..

So our friend, Bill McKay, who is a native of NZ told me about a funny thing the New Zealanders do when they are listening to you and don’t quite buy into what you are saying. It starts off very agreeable… as though they are interested…. and goes something this:

David: so I am writing this novel and it takes place on the planet Gliese 581 g

Bill: yeah… yeah…

David: and the planet is in a tidal lock orbit, one side always facing the sun….

Bill: yeah… yeah

And then I jump the shark…

David: it’s going to be the best SciFi ever written!

Bill: yeah… yeah.. nah…..

LOL. So now Meredith and I are hearing it on the streets in Auckland all the time… eavesdropping in on conversations between people, “yeah… yeah…. (more conversation). Yeah.. yeah… nah.”

At any rate, we had a late start. A morning of rest for a change… getting off the ship around noon then walking over to where Bill McKay’s has an office.

Pulling into the port of Aukland

Great walking city. Very hilly like SF, but with Palm trees.

View from Bill’s place

Our ship in the harbor

Bill was a great lecturer onboard, but it was time for him to return to his life in Aukland. His lectures were enriching, educating us on the Maori as well as the night sky. He was a great conversationalist and I will miss our chats at the Bistro. His good nature and hospitality are unmatched. He will one day be New Zealand’s Prime Minister… yeah…. yeah… nah…

Time to say goodbye – he will be missed.

We continued our walk down the quaint streets, fun bars, shops, restaurants. There were so many places you could duck into.

NZ makes suck great use of cut-thrus between streets

Great shop called Pauanesia

Down by the water, it reminded us of Barcelona, where the harbor is surrounded by restaurants and bars.

One of many restaurants around the harbor

It was time to return to the ship for the day. Tomorrow we will explore the island of Waiheke, taking a ferry from port, and then use a hop on-off bus.

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