Thanks for all your support

I just looked at the stats… wow… impressive….

Thank you and I hope you are enjoying these posts. Feel free to comment… I received some good ideas and will try and implement a travel section on travel deals & tips, suggestions, must see attractions, etc., to upcoming ports of call

3 thoughts on “Thanks for all your support

  1. Yes Dave. My husband Tom and I enjoy all your blogs. They are a real treat and we look forward to reading them. They are all beautifully written. It’s almost like enjoying the trip with both of you. Please let Meredith know we are on board. I’ve enjoyed golfing with her for many years.
    Trish Tassini

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  2. I’m totally enjoying all of your posts.
    You are an excellent and entertaining writer.
    Be safe and I look forward to your return to MS.
    And I hope Meredith brought enough clothes!!

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