Moorea, French Polynesia

We sailed into Opunohu Bay of Moorea this morning, ushered between two reefs and some awesome surf.

Excellent break along this reef, some surfers were getting covered later in the day

Every view from this island is more spectacular than the one before it and Moorea is, by far, the most beautiful of the islands we have visited– we could come back to this one. Excellent diving, snorkeling, hiking and biking trails… and roads… yes… roads….. LOL.

Legend has it that the God of the thieves (Hiro) wanted to steal the Routi, a nearby mountain, where the toa trees grew, but he was thwarted by the God Pai who caught him in the act– still, Hiro managed to nick off the top of it…..

Below is Opunohu Bay, where Captain Cook sailed into twice– ironically, not Cook’s Bay adjacent to it,

Ancient Tahitian temple

Can you find the wild hen?

Can you find the wild hen?

When we left Moorea

11 thoughts on “Moorea, French Polynesia

  1. Wow! Have been reading your posts regularly and I have to confess that, not only do I love them, but I also look forward to them every day.
    I am sooooo happy for you both, seeing that you are having such a blast is a blessing. Can’t wait to hear in person about the stories that cannot be posted ;P
    And yes, Moorea does look indeed like a superb place to deserve the rating you gave it! Besos! Mucho gusto Langostino! Keep posting 😀


  2. Well said Arnua….. I too go to my phone 1st thing every morning to check to see what the posts are. Moorea looks totally amazing, the picture of the Tahitian temple was eerie. Sounds like you guys are having just such A-blast. how is meridith doing at bridge? Has she been fleeced? Or is she fleecing?


    • We are renting a car and driving around the island today. Hopefully I can get someone to jet ski me out to Teahupoo (world’s most famous/dangerous wave) to snap some pixs


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