Bora Bora

From previously: Yesterday was a sea day, traveling from Nuku Hiva, so I did not post anything–it was, as we say, handicap maintenance day.

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As we arrived in Bora Bora this morning, the weather was quite overcast with pockets of heavy rains, but still, any sailors seeing this island atoll for the first time would think they had arrived in heaven, for it rises up from the ocean like a gem, surrounded by an impossible to replicate turquoise green water inside the reef. When Captain James Cook arrived here, more than 200 years ago, he wrote in his diary: “Scarcely a spot in the universe affords a more luxurious prospect.”

We have an excursion today to see the island’s highlights and we will remain in port overnight. Tomorrow I am diving (scuba) the reef. Meredith will walk the beaches and hopefully snorkel. We look forward to some shopping this evening.

More pixs later.

7 thoughts on “Bora Bora

  1. Captain Cook’s museum is in my grandma’s town in Whitby, Yorkshire England – big statue to him in the harbor cliffs. Maybe that is where he sailed from to reach this gem!


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