Cabo San Lucas, Mex.

Here we are, two weeks into this amazing voyage with perfect weather this morning for our snorkeling excursion along the Sea of Cortez. With just a handful of us we were treated to some calm waters, lots of sea life grazing along the coral reefs, kayaking, paddle boarding and underwater sea scooters ushering us along. Then, when we thought it could not get any better, our guide and captain treated us to a spur of the moment whale spotting adventure, where we followed alongside, at a respectful distance, a mother and calf traveling northward. What a treat. What a day. What a cruise.

8 thoughts on “Cabo San Lucas, Mex.

  1. I’ve been tagging along , and now ready to jump on board . What beautiful pictures !
    Thanks for the adventure , but where do you two get your energy ???


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