Huatulco, Mexico

We pulled in at dawn to this lovely Bahía and the town of Huatulco, Mexico, which is a planned town for tourism and consists mostly of Canada tourists. Now you may wonder why I specified “Canada” and not Canadian. I did that for the geese! LOL. This town was started 34 years ago.

We had a rafting excursion along Copalita river’s last 5 miles where it empties into the Pacific (on an awesome surfing beach). Copalita means, ‘place of the Copal’. Sap from the Copal Tree is made into an incense used in religious ceremony, and oddly, you cannot readily find it in town because the town is too new and no one here practices the ceremony of rooted religious culture. My understanding is that the fragrance is quite lovely. So I settled for a tee-shirt.

And so ends our time here—one more beautiful sunset. Tomorrow is a sea day, then onto Cabo San Lucas, Mexico