The sea of teach

When out at sea, bandwidth is a precious commodity and image uploads are held far back in the queue of data streaming. I know this to be fact. So until I can get near port to upload some images, you are stuck with my prose.

The seas over the past 24 hours have been driven larger by stiff winds out of the NE and the hallways and promenades are a choreography of, what appears to be, drunken passengers weaving from side to side like pachinko marbles.

Last night we attended a black tie event in the Stardust Ballroom where the main shows take place. Meredith was stunning in a black laced dress and I in a tux. We both have spent too much time together and each had the petite beet salad and poached lobster entree paired with a crisp and delightful Sauvignon Blanc.

We crashed after that from the first two days of overindulgence and are still searching for our cadence.

This morning we were awakened by the rising sun and hit the bistro for cappuccinos and a latte to go before heading up for breakfast overlooking the seas

After, we attended three lectures: Columbia, which will be our first stop in Cartagena, then a fantastic lecture by astronaut, Scott Kelly. Awesome. Then a continuing lecture on the Panama Canal. Somewhere in there we were in a newly formed trivia group (The Know Nothings) and managed to get 10 out of 15 questions right and will move onto a collective four days of scores. The high score was a couple of groups who got 12 out of 15, so we are not far off. Meredith then went on for a bridge game, and I donned some new wireless headphones and found a comfy oversized lounge on the back deck and finished up on some final edits of my upcoming SciFi novel, Silversides.

This evening we will regroup, shower, dress, then head down to have a cocktail in the main lobby while listening to live music. After, we will seek out one of the many fine dining experiences aboard– tonight perhaps– Nobu for sushi. Then off to the Avenue Saloon with its smoky dark lighting, romantic booths and sideways glances by other guests as if they know something more than we do… and they probably do, for there are a lot of repetitive world travelers aboard ship.

This will be our home for the next four months and the world is truly our oyster.

9 thoughts on “The sea of teach

  1. I love the pros and reading about your adventure is just fantastic. I thought that water looked a little rough I hope that’s the last you see of it Going to a Scott Kelly lecture! I am envious


  2. Wonderful! You are a talented writer David! I had a great time in Cartagena last Jan. Just amble around the old city streets… eat some papaya and mango on the street and enjoy the architecture. Have fun! Nobu?! Wow!


  3. David , Ginny’s friend Sharon here .
    I just starting reading your Blog .
    I’m gonna love this trip with you !
    Enjoy thanks for sharing the adventures


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