Sydney, AU – Time to say goodbye.

It is with great sadness that we will be ending our World Cruise in Sydney Australia, two months earlier than expected, due peripherally to the outbreak of COVID-19— an event beyond anyone’s control.

In Maori terms: there were too many uncertainties behind us and disappointments still vivid before us.

Although this ship will sail on with a significantly reduced guest list and staff, our decision to stop in Sydney was not based upon fear of contracting the virus, but instead, the logistical issues this venue has going forward. With many ports of call that we did not get to see as well as those in the future no longer available or in question, we will simply cut our losses, enjoy this incredible city called Sydney, and then head home to Hobe Sound, Fl.

We were blessed with everything we have experienced up to this point and there is plenty of time for us to see and experience the rest of the world at our leisure. Until then, thank you for following along— this will be my last post of this cruise. Please enjoy this final image from the ship and images of Sydney, Australia— a truly beautiful city, designed for people, who all seem to be young, trim and live to run and eat. There are more places to eat in Sydney than you can imagine, all of them delicious.

One of our last Dinners onboard at Waterside, with Jonathan – you will be missed.
Seeing our ship from afar
A room with a view – Shanghai-La, Sydney, AU
A fine greeting with didgeridoo and chapstick
Harbour Bridge
Botanical Gardens
Almost run over by a running group
Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens
Exhibit on plants that bite
Pitcher plants
A much needed drink at a local pub
There are no chairs at bars in Australia
Incredible shopping in downtown
Tour of the Opera House
Close up of tiles – the photos look white

Meeting up with our friends Leonie and Allan who very kindle treated Meredith and I to a delicious dinner for her birthday. We met Leonie and Allan early on in the cruise and like magnets could not get away from each other no matter where we were on the ship or on land. They were wonderful hosts in Sydney, their home, and taught us how to get around using the underground and cut-throughs, especially since it has not stopped raining since we arrived. LOL….

Dining with Leonie and Allan in Darling Harbour, where restaurants are strung together like pearls along the water.
Easy way to get around underground, once you understand the maze.
The Birthday Girl. It has not stopped raining since we arrived in Sydney— LOL.

Our last meal this side of the IDL, Sydney Au. What a fantastic place called The Spice Room— intimate, beautiful, delicious.

12 thoughts on “Sydney, AU – Time to say goodbye.

    • It’s true. There were way too many unknowns going forward and as the days go by, we know we made the right decision. Our hearts go out to those still onboard, friends we have met along the way, and wish them safe travel.


  1. So sorry to hear that this decision had to be made but I think you have made the right one. I will miss these beautiful blogs and enjoying the world vicariously. Safe travels home and happy birthday Miss M!

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  2. Dave, I’m so disappointed for you & Meredith, but I understand. You really had no other choice under the circumstances. I would have done the same.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog posts and have promoted each one on Twitter—except for your latest one. All I will create a tweet for that one, too.

    Take care and happy writing!

    ~ Bonnie Latino


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    • Thanks for following along Bon. We wanted so much for this to be a trip of a lifetime, but it will have to be another time. Thanks for promoting this site and my work.


  3. Sorry to hear but totally understand – you already missed a few ports. But on the bright side, maybe we’ll be able to meet for dinner the week we are in Miami/Ft Lauderdale (April 13-17)!
    Thanks for taking us all along on this adventure!


  4. Ok, I’ve read these in the wrong date order. Please ignore my questions on the preceding post! I’m so so so sorry. For you both and the whole world! Great job on making your cruise come alive!

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