Fiji – Part II of III – Down Town Lautoka

Lautoka is Fiji’s Sugar City. It is also the main port of FiJi, so its surroundings are industrial, urban… raw…. it’s where the locals live and shop. It’s the kind of place Meredith and I feel comfortable exploring. It feels good to us– that corner of the bar where the locals sit.

The image below is of the grass meridian and the sugar cane rail, which runs through down town Lautoka.

A focus on the urban side of Lautoka, Fiji.

Down town Lautoka

Shopping district in Lautoka

Typical clothing store where locals shop

There is a cultural dress for men in Fiji called a Sulu (skirt). They are worn as easily as a business suit and I must say, are quite attractive with a crisp white dress shirt tucked in. I considered such a purchase but if I showed up in Mariner Sands for Twilight wearing a Sulu, I’m not sure it would go over very well.

This is a stock image from the internet

The highlight of our walk today was coming across the Market (farmers market).

We have never seen a market like this one. Impressive.

This is where everyone in the nearby area comes to shop for vegetables and fruits. It’s size was deceiving from the outside. Think Madison Square Garden size.

Just one section of this market.

The vegetables and fruits, one stand after the other, all arranged with precision and as beautiful as art.

You could feel the heat streaming off this stand.

Which brings us to the end of this day. Tomorrow we will be on an excursion, catching some of the island’s architecture and cultural attractions.

6 thoughts on “Fiji – Part II of III – Down Town Lautoka

  1. Every post is more incredible than the last! What an amazing journey! I so enjoy reading about all these places I’ve never even heard of before. It’s so nice you can take all of along for the ride thru your interesting posts. Carry on & enjoy!!


  2. If you didn’t buy the Sulu I’ll be very disappointed. I wonder if Sulu ever went there and bought a sulu….. Sulu in a Sulu! Pictures are just beautiful. So glad you’re able to get off the big exclusive fantastic boat for a while

    Liked by 1 person

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